Interview Advice and Tips

Tips and advice

You've got the call back! What to do?...Preparation is King.

Don't Panic! Remember your interviewer is just a person like you!

The key to feeling confident in your interview is to know everything you can about the company, including past history, product or services and potential future of the company. Re-read your application and analyze potential questions you could be asked. It is always a good idea to prepare some of your own questions; this will reflect your interest in the company.

The aim of the interview is to justify how you are suitable for the vacancy and what skills you have to offer. Try to relate your answers to real life experiences and show how you have learnt to overcome problems along the way. Remember to stick to the truth, they will ask probing questions and you don't want to be caught out!

Always dress smart and ensure you arrive promptly for the interview. Tardiness will not be taken lightly, so ensure you know the precise location. At the interview itself you must be positive about yourself and your abilities - but do not waffle.

Some potential questions that you may be asked in your interview.

Carefully think of some answers to these questions so that you are fully prepared for your interview.

What do you know about this company?
What interests you about the job vacancy and how are you suitable for the role?
Are you willing to travel?
Why are you changing careers?
What makes you a suitable candidate for the role?
What is your greatest strength?
How do you cope with stress in the work place?
What has been your biggest challenge in life so far and how have you overcome it?
Where do you see yourself in three years time?

What to do bring to your interview?

Read the job vacancy and your application carefully so it is fresh in your mind.
Ensure you understand what will be expected from you in the job role.
Research the company, products, culture, employees and competitors.
Prepare your own questions to ask the interviewer: How do you see the business progressing?
Will there be opportunities to go out of the office?
Will I be offered any future training?
Can I get involved with out of office activities?
Take a copy of your CV along to the interview.
Be sure you know the interview requirements: possibly one-to-one interviews, presentations, panel interviews, assessment centers and psychometric testing.
Plan your outfit the day before and dress smartly.
Ensure you know the location and plan your transport route.
Introduce yourself clearly and give a steady handshake to all employees.
Be polite, enthusiastic and positive throughout you interview.
Ask the follow up question of when you can expect to hear back and how the application moves forward.
Thank the interviewer for their time and finish with another strong handshake.

Final Word

Don’t be disheartened! We all say things we regret! We all make mistakes! Employees will understand the pressure of the environment and make acceptations for minor blips. Key is to learn form any mistakes and take these lessons with you on your journey. This will not be the last interview you do and like anything, practice makes perfect.